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Ari Pradhana
3 min readDec 12, 2020
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Have you heard of YouTube before? If you enjoy surfing the web, there’s an honest chance that you simply have. the sole question is have you ever ever visited the YouTube website before? If not, you’ll want to try to to so, as YouTube, isn’t only fun and exciting, but it’s also entertaining.

As you likely already know, YouTube is a web video hosting and sharing website. Internet users, a bit like you, can’t only view videos online, but they will also upload them. Perhaps, that’s one among the various reasons why YouTube has increased such a lot in popularly. With a vast number of entertaining videos to settle on from, internet users are bound to find something that they love on you Tube. In fact, that’s one among the various reasons why you ought to visit YouTube, particularly if you yet to try to to so.

What is nice about YouTube is that it’s a free website. Whether you’re curious about uploading your own videos to the YouTube site or simply viewing videos from others, you’ll do so, freed from charge. you’re encouraged to register with YouTube, which is additionally liberal to do, but you aren’t required to try to to so. Despite not being required to register for a YouTube account, you’re still urged to try to to so, as there are variety of perks to getting a free YouTube membership. one among those perks is that the ability to rate videos on YouTube, also as leave comments for video owners.

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Now, if you’re curious about uploading your videos to YouTube, you’ll find that it’s a comparatively easy process. in fact, you’ll want to require the time to look at YouTube’s rules and restrictions before posting your videos online, but once you’re able to start the method is straightforward. If you’ve got yet to make a video, you’ll need a video device. After you’ve got made your video, you would like to upload it to your computer, where you’ll also edit it if you would like. Once your video is prepared, you merely got to follow YouTube’s step-by-step uploading instructions and you ought to be good to travel.

If you’d like better to not upload your videos onto YouTube, you’ll just want to look at videos that other YouTube members have…



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