How to Join the Medium Partner Program with Payoneer

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8 min readSep 30, 2020

Do you want to register or join the Medium partnership program? I know your search for this keyword indicates that you really want to join the program. You visit this article is a great choice.

For Indonesian you can check on Cara Bergabung Medium Partner Program dengan Payoneer or go directly to the website

However, have you ever joined Medium as a writer? Hmm, I assume the answer has joined. But what about creating a Payoneer account? If not, please create a Payoneer account first, because that’s one of the conditions. Okay, let’s just discuss according to the topic. What are the steps or how do I join the Medium Partner Program with Payoneer? Come see.

Step by step to Join the Medium Partner Program with Payoneer

Before we proceed to the steps of joining the Medium Partner Program, it is better if we first find out what is Medium.

What is Medium?

Medium was first launched on 15 August 2012 by Evan Williams, a Twitter Co-Founder. Medium itself is an Online Publishing Platform. The background provides a medium for people to express their work in written form.

On the other hand, Evan Williams himself created this platform so that people can spend more of their time more informatively and creatively. Compared to spending all day on social media, where the content is mostly useless and unclear. So that makes high quality content creators and publishers lose. The media also only publish low quality content that is only concerned with Rating.

So, if you already understand about Medium, now we will discuss What is the Medium Partner Program? Let’s listen.

What is the Medium Partner Program?

The Medium Partner Program is a platform that allows writers to make money from content published on Medium. Then how do you make money from Medium for countries that don’t yet support stripe payments? See how.

How to get money from Medium:

1. Register for the Medium Partner Program

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