Sentences Based on Reality From Your Point of View

Ari Pradhana
3 min readOct 26, 2020
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Maybe you’ve read or seen some sentences that you think describe the situation of most people or yourself. It is true that the words spoken by parents around the world are for our future as their successors. Many of us are not aware of this.

An older person once said,

“I tasted salt first than you”

referring to the younger one.

Do you know what that sentence means?
The meaning of the sentence is that in this harsh life, the bitter and sweet have been experienced. Where from the experiential side it is impossible for those of you who are younger to really understand what will happen in the future.

My advice to the younger ones, ask the older one for advice before acting. Because he felt it first compared to you both in terms of age and experience.

Several sentences that illustrate that it is true

Do you want to know someone’s true nature? see the sentence below.

1. “We know the true nature of a person when placed in a precarious situation”.

Is that sentence true? maybe you can ask your little heart.

2. “Without darkness we would never see a star”.

3. “Life is a journey, not about competition”.

4. “That coward sometimes lives longer”.

5. “Change is always, that’s why nothing is always because of change”.

In fact, what motivation can change humans?
Motivational videos on Youtube?
Are people motivational books successful?
False. All of that is fake. The experiences of successful people cannot change people.

6. The real motivation is within yourself.
The name of that motivation is “Self-anger.”

Move according to the anger that is within each of you. Miracles will not happen to people who are silent.

The simple language is “Hard Work”.

7. “Movies that have been watched many times will no longer be exciting”.



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