How to Fix Yoast SEO Installation Failed Destination Folder Already Exists in WordPress

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5 min readOct 3, 2022
How to Fix Yoast SEO Installation Failed Destination Folder Already Exists in WordPress
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Yoast SEO Installation Failed on WordPress

The Plugin Installation Process on WordPress sometimes we encounter failures when installing them. Whether it’s a plugin that we often use or a plugin that we want to use for the first time. The reasons for the errors during the installation of the plugin are quite a lot. Maybe it could be that the plugin file already exists and was overwritten by the same new plugin.

Before choosing and using a plugin for our site, of course, we must first look for information related to the plugin. Searching for information on the internet regarding suitable plugins for our site will definitely take a long time. Until finally found a plugin that we think is quite good in terms of improving the site. However, while installing the Plugin, we get an error notification saying the Plugin doesn’t want to be installed. There are many reasons why a WordPress plugin cannot be installed.

Why Does WordPress Plugin Installation Fail?

When we want to use a plugin on our site but there is an error in the installation process, it might make us wonder. Why WordPress Plugin Installation Failed?, What Causes WordPress Plugin Installation to Fail? and others. Here I will try to explain some of the common causes of Plugin installation errors in WordPress.

5 Reasons Why WordPress Plugin Installation Fails

There is a Missing File

Maybe you’ve tried uploading a zip file to WordPress to install a plugin. But there is an error stating that no plugin was found and the installation failed. This can happen because there are some files missing from the zip that was uploaded earlier.

Installing an Existing Plugin

Usually we will find an error stating that the plugin that we want to download is already installed. There will be an incorrect format message after downloading the plugin.

Exceeding the Available Memory Limit



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