Experiences with People Who Have Strong Memories

Ari Pradhana
2 min readOct 3, 2020

My own friend. He has a photographic memory. Really extraordinary anyway.

There is a brief incident that amazes me. One time he and I wanted to order a drink at a cashier. Cashier A said wait a minute

After ordering drinks at the cashier we immediately sat down to the available places. However, it took a long time to order the drink.

So we approached, apparently the person guarding the cashier was different, let’s call it Cashier B. We told cashier B.

Me : Why did the drinks take so long?

Cashier B : Because you haven’t paid for the drink.

Me : Didn’t my friend already pay for the drink?

Cashier B : (Instead he insisted and denied that we hadn’t paid for his drinks).

My friend : (With an angry face). I can show you the money that I paid earlier. If I’m right, give us our money back.

Cashier B : Okay, show me how

My friend : I have given the money with a nominal value of IDR 50,000, with the serial number “xxx”.

Oleh Bank Indonesia — http://msymboll.totalh.com/asia_indonesian_rupiah_note.htm From Bank Indonesia, Penggunaan wajar, https://id.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=835359

The image above is only an example as an illustration.

For those of you who don’t know, IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) is the official currency of Indonesia. When compared to USD, IDR 50,000 is only around $3.37 USD. At an exchange rate equivalent to 1 United States Dollar
14,875.12 Indonesian Rupiahs at the time this story was created.

Back to the topic of the story.

After conducting a search of the cashier, it turned out that it was true that there was IDR 50,000 in cash with the serial number as he mentioned. Because the serial number of each sheet was different, the cashier could no longer reject it.

Extraordinary !! Not only was the cashier silent, I was also speechless in amazement. Even though he only caught a glimpse of the money being withdrawn from his wallet. But he immediately remembered every detail of that piece of money.

After that, we rushed out and canceled buying drinks there. He said he likes playing brain teasing games like puzzles and chess. To sharpen his memory.



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