10 Tips for Maintaining iPhone Battery Health Doesn’t Go Down Fast

Ari Pradhana
7 min readNov 27, 2020

IPhone Battery Health is a feature that has been present since the last update of iOS 11. This feature is a reference to whether the iPhone battery is still suitable for long-term use. Why is my Battery Health running low? Reduced iPhone battery health is commonplace.

What Causes iPhone Battery Health to Drop Fast?

The cause of iPhone battery health dropping quickly is excessive use. Exaggerated here means non-stop use without giving enough pause. During the charging process, you may often do heavy activities with your iPhone. Like playing games, editing photos and videos and so on. For the charging process, get used to when the battery notification is below 20%. Phone temperatures that are often hot can also cause iPhone battery health to drop quickly.

However, there are cases where the battery health percentage decreases very quickly from normal use.

“Previously I was very ignorant about the health of the iPhone battery, but when using the iPhone XR it hasn’t been a month since the battery’s health dropped 7%. Very scared too.”

“Whereas previously using the iPhone 6s+ was safe to use for almost a year.”

“Then when I used the iPhone X while playing games and it was charged for 5 months from 83% to 82%, it only dropped 1%.”

Like the iPhone users above. Uniquely, the iPhone 6s Plus battery has a longer battery health than the iPhone XR. Even though when compared to the battery capacity, the iPhone XR is bigger. Why do you think that happened?
Then how and tips so that battery health does not decrease quickly? What should be done so that iPhone battery health can be used in the long run? let’s discuss.

How to Restore iPhone Battery Health to 100?

iPhone Battery Calibration



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